Breaking the Fourth Wall with Mr. Johnson (Phys Ed. Teacher and Coach)

By the Editors

How many movies do you watch on a monthly basis?

Honestly I don’t know…Coaching makes me very busy [so] I don’t get a lot of time at night. Eventually I get to the movies that I want to see. If a marvel or DC movie comes out in the movie theater I always go to see it within the first two or three days…It’s something totally different [at home] because I [have] a lot of work.


Can you name any recently released movies you particularly liked and tell us why you enjoyed them?

Well Deadpool was the last comic movie that I saw. I thought Deadpool was awesome. You can’t really [make it] PG. To do Deadpool justice it can’t be in PG. I thought Ryan Reynolds made [the role] as violently comical as it [could] be.


Favorite superhero and why?

My favorite superhero is Shazam, DC Captain Marvel…He’s been [my favorite] for a long time. Growing up as a kid, I [watched] Billy Batson (Shazam) go from a kid to a grown man superhero.


In your opinion, to what extent have superhero movies stayed true to their originals?

They do a decent job, but they do add some more flare, or a little twist, to it. They do change some things because sometimes it makes for a better movie on the screen. I know one of the things that I didn’t like. I was very disappointed in the last Iron Man, when they [altered] The Mandarin…I was sitting in the movie theater at the end with Coach Everette. At the end of the movie we were just sitting there like…did that really just happened? You took one of the meanest, toughest villains, and made him a comedy act. There was so much potential [in] the Mandarin and the strength of the Rings [of Power]…[so] I was a little upset about that.


Do you think that superhero movies have been produced more with the intent of pleasing their comic fan bases or the general public?

It’s not realistic to say that if these movies flop, they are going to keep making these movies. I think it’s because of the fan bases that they keep making movies because they know that people are still going to come. The good thing about comics is that they’re multi-generational. Batman isn’t just cool to me, but my kids love Batman… So it’s both, but at the end of the day, their [goal is to make] money. They try to find a formula that works.


What was the real OG superhero film?

If you go back to the real original superhero, [if] you go back to the westerns, you look at Zorro, you look at Lone Ranger. These were real life mortal men [who] had larger than life personalities on the big screen because of what they stood for. You look at how they take up the fight for what’s right…Lone Ranger was the masked hero that was always coming in and saving the day, working with law enforcement to help people. [So] when you’re talking about the original masked vigilante type, the Lone Ranger….he might have set the standard.


Favorite sports movies? Is there any movie that you would recommend for your athletes who seek motivation?

Creed was outstanding. Mr.Gargione and I actually went to the movies together to see it, and I thought it was right behind Rocky. I could [also] be biased and go with Vision Quest, one of the more popular wrestling movies. It came out back in the day, so outside the wrestling genre, a lot of people might not know about it. You watch those movies, and even if you’re not an athlete, you feel like you want to start training for something.


The highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman is coming out. Do you predict that its popularity/box office will surpass that of Deadpool?

Yes. I mean not everyone knows about Deadpool, but I would like to think that even if you’re not a comic book geek like myself, you’ve heard of Batman or Superman. There are a lot of people who have no idea who Deadpool is, which is why [there were] people who brought their kids to see Deadpool, thinking it was another PG-friendly Marvel movie. Then you’re in there with a six year old, and you’re like dude, this is not that movie.


Phase 3 of the MCU and the entire DC cinematic universe are about to be launched. What do you think will be the most significant comic book film event of the next few years? Which one are you anticipating the most?

Listen, I already told you [that] Shazam, Captain Marvel, is my favorite superhero and [he] is on that list, so I am super stoked to see that come out. If I’m not mistaken, they casted The Rock as Black Adam, which is going to be awesome…I’m interested in seeing what’ll happen with Civil War, whether Captain America gets off, sticking to the comics, or if Thanos comes and Captain America gives his life [to] bring everybody back together to fight Thanos. I’m [also] looking forward to see if they’re going to have Deadpool kill the whole Marvel universe. It would be really cool, but I know that it’s probably unrealistic because they don’t have the license for every character.


Can you tell us one comic book superhero who deserves a second chance at getting a movie?

You [have to] give Green Lantern a second chance. It’s not that Ryan Reynolds did a bad job portraying Hal Jordan, [the problem was just] a weak script, just like [when] Ben Affleck played Daredevil for the first time.


Which Avenger is each of the gym teachers? Which one are you?

Let’s start with Sutcliffe. He would be a Captain America-esque character. Goduto would be Falcon. Salazar would be like Tony Stark. I think Wilkinson would be Antman [laugh]… Ms. Jones would probably be Black Widow. Kelsey would be Wasp. I would probably have to be the Hulk. I would say Capuano would probably be Hawkeye. Severson would be Scarlet Witch. If I genderbend, Severance would almost be a female Captain America.


One last question(and you saw this one coming): DC or Marvel?

That’s a tough question man. I’m split in half. If I had to…ugh man…My feelings are hurt right now. Well, here’s the thing. In the cinematic universe, Marvel has got it. In the animated universe, it’s DC all day. With the [animated] movies that they come out with, like Flashpoint [Paradox], DC owns them. DC also had it on TV cartoons, but now that they’ve taken Justice League and Young Justice off, and Marvel has gotten Guardians of the Galaxy and the Spiderman web series going, they’re pretty much even. I think DC is ahead of the game on TV too in terms of live action… Supergirl, Flash, Gotham, and Arrow are all outstanding. So Marvel has DC outnumbered in the movies and DC has Marvel outnumbered on live action television. And you know what? I would love to see more black superhero movies. If you look at Black Panther, he’s a prince, a millionaire, like the black equivalent of Tony Stark and Batman, but richer and smarter. I want to see John Stewart! Will you please make a new Green Lantern and put John Stewart in it?

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