Festina Lente in the Empire State

It’s been portrayed as a place of both immense opportunity and extreme decadence. It’s the multi-storied playground of lovers, socialites, gangsters, and alien invaders all alike. It’s both Gotham and Metropolis, both a suffocating mental prison and an alluring heaven on earth. The city always acts as a full-fledged cast member in the films where […]

Not Just a Kid from Brooklyn: Character Analysis of Captain America

SPOILERS In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Joe and Anthony Russo showed the growing separation between Captain America and Steve Rogers. In Civil War, they broke the two completely apart. One of Steve’s struggles in the new century is his inability to connect with others due to his celebrity. People approach him primarily as Captain […]

Year of the Superhero

Introduction: Take a look back, and superhero movies have come an incredibly long way. Columbia Pictures released the first Batman movie(in black and white) back in 1943, and Marvel studios made its silver screen debut four decades later with…Well, Howard the Duck. Keep fast forwarding, and you’ll find that comic book superhero flicks now begin […]

Thoughts on Isolation and Restlessness on the 40th Anniversary of Taxi Driver

  Taxi Driver (1976) | Directed by Martin Scorsese | Mystery/Suspense/Drama | Rated R | With Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Peter Boyle, Leonard Harris, Harvey Keitel, Albert Brooks | Columbia Pictures | Runtime: 112 minutes | Box Office: $28.3 million | Rotten Tomatoes score: 99%   Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver celebrates its […]

The Oscars 2016 Preview

Introduction It’s that time again: The Academy has announced its 2015 list of movies deemed statuette-worthy. So begins a month of frantic speculation dotted sporadically with smaller film events, all ending in a night on the red carpet that effectively wraps up award season. February’s filmscape has produced a number of potentially close competitions along […]