Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 takes a Legendary Turn

I’ll admit: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. As a die-hard Marvel enthusiast, I had slowly weaned myself from my dependence on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only to be hooked onto the Arrowverse TV shows. From Arrow to The Flash to Supergirl, I was introduced to a myriad of characters, all of whom I thoroughly adored. So when I was alerted by my trusty CW app that Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was being released, I held high standards for what I prepared to watch. But as the season progressed, I was quickly let down. Sure, it was exciting and action-packed like Arrow and The Flash, and I remain indebted to the creators for resurrecting my favorite Arrowverse character (none other than Sara Lance herself). But there seemed to be something that was lacking. There were simply too many characters, and the plot was a little too fast-paced. Luckily, they slowed it down for Season 2, and by then, I had grown accustomed to the cast, which made the plotline that much easier to follow. With Season 2, Legends of Tomorrow has made its way into my heart and has become one of my favorite releases.


Cutting out Kendra and Carter from the show and adding Amaya and Nate to the roster proved to be the redeeming decision of this season. Having defeated their mortal enemy Vandal Savage in Season 1, the formers’ purpose had been fulfilled. As such, it was important to give other, newer characters space to be introduced and developed. As the grandson of a Junior Society of America member, Nate is essentially a superhero legacy, although this was not what made him such an important asset to the team. Instead, he filled a niche in the team as a valuable historian. After all, what time travel themed tv show doesn’t have a reliable story-teller? Furthermore, there was a certain complexity to his character, as he struggled to find a line between his spontaneous, passionate nature and his responsibilities as a team member. Amaya’s entrance into the team was also greatly welcomed, as she served as a buffer for the hot-headed team, especially at the start of the season when she dissuaded them from terrible decisions. As the grandmother of Mari McCabe (Vixen), Amaya also provided a present day tie to the Arrowverse. By adding Amaya and Nate to the team, the writers shifted the direction and purpose of the Legends away from defeating Vandal Savage, towards creating a team that would work cohesively to protect the progression of time.

In addition to individual character development, it was intriguing to watch the development of relationships between the characters, which, in season one, often seemed forced and unnatural, such as that between Ray and Kendra. Relationships were allowed to grow naturally in the second season and felt much more realistic. Especially for me, it was the brotherly relationship that developed between Ray and Nate which gave for a lot of humorous moments in the tense plot line.

I was also a great fan of the villains in this season, whose portrayal was one of my biggest issues with Season 1. Earlier, Vandal Savage was portrayed as a heartless monster, driven by jealousy and his instinct for survival, and he might as well have belted out an evil laugh each time he entered. His stereotypical “villainous” actions made his choices overly predictable. Season 2 brought in some of my favorite villains from the Arrowverse, and it was enthralling as these were all characters I hadn’t expected to see again. Introducing them gave a personal stake to several of the Legends, especially Sarah, who sought vengeance against Damien Darhk for killing Laurel (her sister), and against Malcolm Merlyn for killing Sarah herself before she was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit. Furthermore, Eobard Thawne’s existence addressed the consequences of The Flash’s creation of Flashpoint, an issue that had previously been left unexplained.

The best part of this season was the fun. Arrowverse shows tend to get very dark and intense, but Legends took a more light-hearted and comedic approach, seizing every opportunity possible to make viewers laugh. And while there were still plot holes and head-scratching moments about the workings of time travel, it was hard to care too much when the show was just so much fun. As a whole, by learning to overcome the weaknesses of the first season and playing to its strengths, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 has become one of the best seasons of an Arrowverse show to date.