The BBC made waves across the Internet on Sunday when they announced that Jodie Whittaker would assume the role of the Doctor, the eponymous protagonist of the long-running series Doctor Who, after the end of the current season. She will be the thirteenth iteration of the character (fourteenth if you count John Hurt’s War Doctor), and the first woman. This breaking of tradition has, not unexpectedly, made many people somewhat upset. As it turns out, a shapeshifting, time-traveling, nigh-immortal alien should only be a skinny white British man (unless that shapeshifting, time-traveling, nigh-immortal alien happens to be evil.) However, the casting of Jodie Whittaker presents another problem, one that is consistent with every other Doctor thus far. Despite everything, the Doctor is still not MF DOOM.

Daniel Dumile, better known as MF DOOM, is an MC and producer hailing from London, England. Known primarily for his persona as a supervillain (based on the Marvel Comics character Doctor Doom) and his trademark mask, DOOM has consistently proved to be one of the most popular faces (metal or otherwise) in underground hip-hop since his debut, Operation: Doomsday (1999). Madvillainy, his 2004 collaboration with the producer Madlib, has been hailed by many as one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop albums of all time, with critics praising DOOM’s unique lyricism. However, these qualifications don’t seem to be enough for the BBC.

It may seem difficult to believe, but none of the thirteen-ish people who have captained the iconic blue box have been MF DOOM. While David Tennant was quirky and charismatic, he was not the brains behind 2004’s MM.. FOOD or Venomous Villain. And while the Doctor is no stranger to masks, he has not donned the gladiator-inspired mask of Metal Fingers himself. To this day, none of the Doctors have created even a single collaborative hip-hop album with Danger Mouse. If this seems outrageous, that’s only because it is.

After 54 years of production, it’s certainly commendable that the BBC is finally getting around to letting the Doctor be a woman for once. But we can’t rest yet. Together, we shall make our voices heard, and tell the BBC once and for all “We want MF DOOM to play the Doctor!” Trust me, if Tupac were dead, this is a cause he’d be proud to say he died for.